Use of a Socio-Ecological Framework and MFA to Assess the Resilience of Local Food Chain Systems


  • Latifah Abdul Ghani Faculty of Business, Economic and Social Development, Universiti Malaysia Terengganu, Malaysia



Socio Ecological System (SES);, Material Flow Analysis (MFA), Food, Food Governance


This paper proposes the basic procedures to examine the biodiversity of food chain systems using cross-disciplinary methods based on social, ecological, and material dimensions. The application of SES and MFA methods to track internal and external disturbances in the food chain highlights some of the flaws and gaps in this decision support system approach. In contrast to the single method, this SES-MFA overlapping approach contributes more information, including the literature on local food governance. Furthermore, the SES-MFA method would offer recommendations to researchers and policy practitioners to manage changes in the food chain system to attain uninterrupted biodiversity sustainability.