• Proceedings of Malikussaleh International Conference on Multidisciplinary Studies (MICoMS)
    Vol. 3 (2022)

    Malikussaleh University together with 3 other universities UPI, UNJA, and UNRI received foreign loan grants from the Asian Development Bank (ADB) through the Ministry of Education and Culture of the Republic of Indonesia. The funds are used for physical development and resources packaged in Unimal's Advanced Knowledge and Sustainable Growth in Indonesia (AKSI)/AKSI-ADB UNIMAL Project. Along with that, ADB's Project ACTION also helped develop centre excellence in each college. Malikussaleh University is developing a Center of Excellence (PUI) in the field of biodiesel.

    In this case, it requires increasing capacity in terms of knowledge and skills in terms of the production, use, and management of biofuels. Capacity building is needed for lecturers and laboratory staff who are focusing on biofuels, in the form of research, internships, and training.  Intensive biodiesel-related research was carried out by researchers.  Hopes that research can produce the output of scientific publications. The research results can be published in journal articles, conference articles, posters,  monograph books, patents, and IPRs.

    The implementation of international conferences is intended to assist research publications within the Malikussaleh University lecturers and externally in the field of biodiesel. In addition, it can also fill in the GAP in the preparation of the centre excellence form.


    1. Encourage researchers to publish research results in an international conference in the field of biodiesel.
    2. Exposing more deeply the existence of the centre of excellence to unimal internal and external parties.
    3. Encourage research collaboration with external Unimal.

    International Conference

    Tema: Strengthening Environment towards Energy Resilience

    The proceeding will cover various fields:
    Biotechnology, Catalyst and catalytic process, Reaction Engineering, Process Optimization, Renewable Energy; Energy Management; Electrical & Telecommunication;
    Business and Entrepreneurship; Management; Economic and Development; Accounting,
    Finance and Banking; Technology and Information Systems; Communication and Multimedia;
    Social Sciences; Humanities; Government, Politics and Law; Environment Management;
    Architecture; Islamic Architecture; Education and Language; Psychology and Counseling;
    Plant Science (Agronomy), Soil Science, plant protection, Plant breeding,
    Integrated Pest Management and Social Science); Agricultural Economics; Animal Science;
    Food Science and Food Technology; Agricultural Engineering; Marine and Fisheries Science;
    Geophysic; Medical; Health Sciences; Healthcare Management and Health System Strengthening;
    Epidemiology and Public Health; Environmental Health; Health Financing and Universal Health Coverage; Health and Disaster Management; Food;Nutrition and Healthy Lifestyle.