The Strategies and Tactics, Young Generation to Fight Againts Proxy War in the Future


  • Albie Bachrim Faculty of Law, Universitas Malikussaleh



Politics, Indonesia, Proxy War, Young Generation


As the Times progressed, more and more changes occurred in the world, in politics, economics, social, and even war. Indonesia must prepare human resources on a large scale in the face of global Change. The role of the younger generation is the most impactful influence for a more developed Indonesia in the future, in the statistics of the Human development index Indonesia is ranked 107 out of 189 countries, an increase of 0.85 from 2020. It is very sad to see other countries in ASEAN such as Singapore which is adjacent to Indonesia which is ranked 11th in the ranking of Human Devolepment index. The future war is not like the form of war that had previously occurred, but now many are fighting using the concept of Proxy war, either hard power or soft power, if Indonesia does not have adequate human resources in the future, Indonesia will suffer enormous losses in the future, both politically, economically, or socially. The young generation itself must also prepare all the needs of each person by understanding political, social, and economic changes, because with the concept of proxy war the target will be attacked accordingly. The formation of each character and also the improvement of soft skills will be very influential in the future, each young generation must also understand the phasing of attacks from the proxy war scale and also strategies, tactics in facing future wars (Proxywar).


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