Implementation And Urgency Qanun About Financial Institution in Aceh


  • Abiyyu Aulia Faculty Of Law, Universitas Malikussaleh
  • Putra Agung Kunanti Faculty Of Law, Universitas Malikussaleh



Banks, Qanun, Mudharabah


Islamic banks and their existence in Indonesia are an inseparable unit in this case because Indonesia is one of the countries with the largest Muslim population in the world; this journal discusses the application of Islamic banks and other financial institutions, especially in the province of Aceh as a province with special autonomy. Which carry out sharia law, and all its legal products in this journal's context are qanuns. The discussion on implementation and the urgency of implementing Sharia finance in Aceh are discussed in depth and detail to produce academic writings high in intellectuality. They do not forget to examine the halal values contained in the qanun.


Ridwan, Positivisasi Hukum Pidana Islam (Analisis atas Qanun No. 14/2003 Tentang Khalwat/Mesum Provinsi Nanggroe Aceh Darussalam)

Rahmad Safitri, Implementasi Qanun Lembaga Keuangan Syariah Dalam Konversi Perbankan Syariah Di Aceh

Syamsuri, Analisis Qanun (Lembaga Keuangan syariah) Dalam Penerapan Ekonomi Islam Melalui Perbankan Syariah di Aceh, Jurnal Ilmiah Ekonomi Islam

Armad Maulidan, Pengaruh Pemahaman Operasional Bank Syariah dan Penerapan Qanun Lembaga Keuangan Syariah Di Aceh Terhadap Minat Berinvestasi Pada Saham Bank Syariah (Studi Kasus Nasabah RHB Sekuritas Aceh)