Legal Protection Of Emergency Contact Victims In Online Loan Agreements


  • Aldila Faculty of Law, Universitas Malikussaleh
  • Arif Rahman Faculty of Law, Universitas Malikussaleh
  • Budi Bahreisy Faculty of Law, Universitas Malikussaleh



Emergency Contact, Legal Protection, Victims, Online Loans


Emergency contact is an emergency telephone number given by the debtor (money borrower) to the creditor (money lender through the application) if one day the debtor cannot or is not smooth in making payments, the emergency contact number will be contacted by the application service . This study aims to find out and explain the legal rules regarding online loan agreements in Indonesia and to find out and explain legal protection for emergency contact victims in cases of giving phone numbers without the victim’s knowledge in online loan agreements. In handling this case regarding the interests of the victim, it is time for special attention to be given, it is necessary to add a clear regulation regarding legal protection for emergency contact victims in the online loan agreement into the law that should be, considering the development of financial technology is very fast and is the main need of the community. And so that the victims can calmly and freely obtain their rights that have been harmed. The state must also provide access for victims to be able to claim their rights. The type of research used to answer these problems is normative legal research using legislation and conceptual approaches. Data collection is done through literature study. The data analysis used is qualitative analysis.


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